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Why I'm loving September

Yes you heard me, I LOVE September. A fresh new page all round, back to school and a new period in my life begins as I no longer have any pre-school age children at home. 

What will I do with myself? I've busied myself volunteering at both the boys schools parents associations, yes I'm one of those mums who will be badgering other parents non stop for this, that and the other. I'm also going back to my roots with some part-time child care and hopefully some hours at a local nursery. I also have social media management for a magazine to keep me busy as well as writing some editorial for a local aesthetics clinic. All this should keep me sufficiently entertained during school hours and means I can be there for my boys.


Hello September

September is my fresh start. September 2017 will see a lot of change in our house. My eldest child turns ten, my youngest starts in reception class, I'm going to become an auntie again and my ex husband, father of my eldest, is moving counties. 


Goodbye summer holidays you have been...mixed.

There are seven days to go until number one goes back to school. There are 13 days to go until number two starts reception. 

As ever I have spent the past few days and weeks acting as chief children's entertainer, taxi driver, chef, referee and general dogsbody to my two boys. Not being content with requiring endless stimulation both kids have birthdays over the summer so I have that to contend with as well.  The result? Considerable weight gain after stuffing my face with their leftovers washed down with copious glasses of rose wine in the evening. Healthy eating has gone out of the window and so has the routine and rules.

Screen time has increased as well as my food bill. Both kids appear to be just as tired as they were towards the end of the summer term and are both more than ready for more mental exercise than mummy can provide.