The tale of the silver eyebrow, and other (short) stories from my week.

At last! We've made it to Friday. It's been a long one, husband up and off to work very early each day, eldest off school with a coldy virus thing for a couple of days which resulted in back to back episodes of Horrible Histories on day one followed by a tutorial on Minecraft on day two (I still have no clue what on earth is going on and to be honest just watching it makes me feel dizzy)The stress of having my child-free days interrupted dove me to break my no wine rule during the week by Wednesday and I indulged in a glass or three of sparkling rose. There is another celebratory reason for the special mid-week drinking indulgence but it's not my news to tell so you will have to watch this space for that...

If that doesn't keep you lot reading my blog I've no idea what will :-)

Anyway back to the title of this post, the silver eyebrow. I think the colour silver is slightly over egging the pudding here but go with me all will become clear. So by Wednesday when all children were installed in education and I had spent 15 mins (sorry hubby) in the (new) shower daydreaming and generally wasting my precious childfree time I took the time to examine my face in the (new) mirror. Now this is the mirror to end all mirrors, gleaming with dressing room style lights that scream glamour - why they in my shower room is another matter - and staring back at me was my pale, freckly face. No surprises there. My eyes took me to my rather neglected of late eyebrows. I usually get them shaped and tinted, but I've been a bit rubbish at rebooking my appointments much to my salon owner friends horror as we are both so busy its usually when we catch up and have a good bitch fest as I lay on her heated couch - bliss.

Note NOT my eyebrow.

So on inspection of said eyebrows I noted a grey hair. SHUT THE FRONT FOOR A GREY EYEBROW HAIR WTF? Am I a 90 year old man? How on earth did I let that slip through the beauty net? What is going on??? Where did it come from? Admittedly I hide the greys that seep through my hairline with regular professional hair appointments but a grey eyebrow? That's just not cricket. Grabbing the tweezers I whipped that bad boy out pronto, and it was one of those bastardised really thick ones that leaves a tell tale red hole in your skin for all the live long day and no amount of industrial strength concealer will hide it. FFS I was not impressed.

Cue a daily eyebrow inspected just in case any of the other little sods have appeared overnight. So now I'm booking an eyebrow appointment asap and KEEPING IT! I will neglect my eyebrows no longer and will not allow that jammy silver thread to poke through ever again.

And breathe.

So it's Friday and thank goodness for that. Today the youngest is here so we flip between playdough, mark making, playmobil and his favourite Thomas million piece puzzle interspersed with half hour doses of Nick Jnr so I can get the cleaning done - don't judge we all do it.

Roll on wine o'clock this evening.

Have a great weekend folks, wish me luck as tomorrow I'm off to Legoland in search of Batman...#tobeafouryearoldagain